Garlic Order
STEP 1: The Information of Garlic
1. You hope order:
Pure White Garlic ; Normal White Garlic
2. Sizes:
4.5--5.0cm; 5.0--5.5cm; 5.5--6.0cm
6.0--6.5cm; 6.5--7.0cm; 7.0cm and up
3. Packing:
20kg/mesh bag; 10kg/mesh bag;
10kg/carton(one mesh bag in); 20 X 0.5kg mesh bag/carton;
10 X 1kg mesh bag/carton; 30 X 300g mesh bag/carton;
40 X 200g mesh bag/carton;  
We can packing the garlic according to your request:
4. Shipment:
40ft Reefer Containers; 20ft Containers
5. Quantity: Containers;or MTS
NOTE: 1).one 40ft Reefer Containers can hold about 25mts.
  2).one 20ft Containers can hold about 14mts.
6. Delivery Date:
7. Delivery Port:
8. Please input your other request:
STEP 2: Your contact details
Your Name:
Company Name: